The basket project

Yo voy a Ti foundation in Uganda has a basket project it is implementing together with EvaMia Interiors in Norway. The organization is helping young girls in the slums of Kampala to create their own employment and equipping them with skills in basket making. Some of the girls already know how to make the baskets but have initially been challenged with costs of materials to make them and finding markets for the baskets.

Yo Voy a Ti Uganda is providing the skills training and EvaMia Interiors will provide the market to support these basket makers.  The baskets will also be sold within the region with Yo Voy a Ti providing assistance in looking for market so anyone that wants high quality and beautiful baskets please support our girls. Most of the girls are thrilled to be learning a new skill with a potential for creating their own income generating projects.



Word from the trainer

I think that Yo Voy a Ti Foundation in Uganda is giving a lot of young people opportunities to grow economically. The skills that you are giving these young girls are going to help them become self reliant. I am glad to work with the girls because they are eager to learn and are very motivated by eventually selling their baskets even on an international market. It is a good thing for them because most have been idle and doing nothing yet they have responsibilities like taking care of their children.



Word from one of the girls (Mary)

I have no job and yet I have a child, I need some sort of skills to help me make some income in order to feed my child. Getting this training with Yo voy a Ti Uganda is helping me with that. I thank them because I see a future where I can make these baskets and sell them to make a living. Of course it is going to challenge me to look for market for my baskets but I know I will have to do it in order to benefit. Also Yo Voy a Ti will be helping. The beginning is not easy but I am learning.


About the baskets

These baskets are made using natural materials such as dried banana stems, banana fibers, reeds and millet straws e.t.c. It is interesting to learn that the different materials used represent the different regions of Uganda where the basket originates. The colors used are all natural dyes. The baskets are made for different purposes which determine their shape and size. They can be used to store food stuffs, fruits or as decorations and wall hangings. It is also possible to for instance make them in various shapes like jewelry boxes to keep one’s jewelry or small pieces of cosmetics.

Some of the baskets


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